The role of Currencies, Construction and Trade in raising the Revenue

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SimCity is a little city with all facilities provided within it. It has a population that requires its basic services and utilities. The people are either happy with the mayor for all facilities or angry with his for improper facilities. They express their happiness by paying taxes properly or show their displeasure by refusing to pay tax and by moving out of the city. The player acts as the mayor and looks after the city. As he improves the city by building residential areas fully equipped with water supply, power supply, waste management, fire station, police station and sewage management he keeps scoring and climbs on to the next level. Providing all these services aptly require currencies or Simoleons which have to be available in plenty. The mayor has to generate these currencies by playing the game efficiently through proper management of the game. There a few tips that he can follow to help generate currencies at a faster rate and look after his expenditures. If there is any problem regarding improper traffic facilities, power shortage or water disruption, the Sims start complaining.

Increase in Currency: The best way to raise money in SimCity is to collect tax from its citizens. This is a slow process by which money is collected, but it is the safest way. However the Sim citizens pay taxes only when they are happy with the services in the city.

New Vs Upgraded Buildings: Residential buildings can be newly built or can be upgraded. If you are going to build new buildings, you have to keep a check on the number of buildings in that area, as services will have to be increased if there is a disproportionate increase in the number of houses in that area. However if you are upgrading the existing houses, you can have more population that can function with the existing services. So you do not have to spend extra to set up new services. You have to take great care of your improvements in the city so that the costs do not go up.

Trading Goods: Trading of goods on the global exchange helps to increase the liquidity of the city. You get good value for items such as gloves, batteries, medical kit, stretchers, etc., which are required in case of natural disasters like earthquake and floods while there are unnatural disasters too. The items that are required to manage such calamities get good rates on the trade market. City storage items such as locks and circuit cameras also get good rates. Excess products that are produced in factories can also be exchanged through trade. So factories have to keep functioning so that production does not stop. The process of production should not be dependent on each other as this will slow down production. Proper inventory management should be done to maintain good stocks.

Through these measures, the mayor can improve his currency level and get gold keys so that he can cross each level of the game. He can also get currencies through simcity buildit hack so that he can continue his game without ceasing.

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