8 Ball Pool Is A Polished Approachable And Entertaining Pooling Game

When I played the 8 Ball Pool I found that it is a good, approachable, entertaining and a polished pooling game having all the features to keep one engrossed and entertained. With the captivating and polished design along with the accurate and equally responsive gaming mechanics and physics it is easy to play for any person even who is not very accustomed with pooling game like me. The intuitive and relevant tutorials, guidance provided with the game’s inbuilt features are good enough to train even a novice to play the game like a pro.

For people who are in love and addiction with billiards and pool game, this is the ultimate app for iOS devices and looks spectacular with its colorful features, innovative and interesting graphics along with a robust community online. The game is developed by Mini Clip but everything in it appeared to me in major form. The entertainment, the resources collection and management, the gaming mechanics are all very interesting and intriguing. There is another useful feature like the 8 ball pool guidelines which is good enough for generating resources and managing it as well.

8 ball pool guide

The8 Ball Pool game is optimized for even all the iPhone categories and it allowed me to play with all my friends that I have in the social media. I must say that before I started playing the game I was a bit worried about the features, the functionality and the overall performance of the game. I felt that the opportunity of winning would not be more but as I continued playing the game all my worries were gone. I found that however bad I was in a real game of pool, it did not affect my performance in any way while I played the virtual version of it.

It is all due to the easy and helpful features of the game which in addition included some advanced options to keep the interest in the 8 Ball Pool game on always. Once I got in after registering my name, it was easy all through. Playing with friends or one on one or a tournament all are equally interesting. Consisting of five very interesting levels like London, Tokyo, Sydney, Las Vegas and Moscow, I had to pay my entry fee in the game currency. When I won I got back twice the amount back. Adjusting the angle of the pool stick is easy as I could do it with my fingers. I just had to follow the trajectory and pull the power meter back to shoot.

The timing, the shooting features all are useful and nice. Moving up in the 8 Ball Pool game is also easy. Winning experience points is the most helpful feature and do not depend on the winning or losing in a game. These points helped in leveling up. To judge my opponent I sometimes clicked on the username and got all the stats of my opponent which helped me to make a strategy for my game. These features are very useful which helped me a lot in playing the game.

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